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W D.
Phoenix, AZ


This year I had a bucket list of sorts, "32 things to do while I am 32." One of those required me to do something thrilling.

I needed the thrill...my adrenaline to rush through me- making me feel powerful and yet weightless -staring into the world below me. Sasha was my tandem instructor. This Romanian thrill-seeker had done over 1400 jumps in the past seven years. He told me the most jumps he had completed in one day was 16! We loaded this little commuter Cessna lovingly nicknamed "Old Blue"-all of the "guts" ripped out to make room for the pilot and instructors...

Up, up, and away we went! Desert squares below and as far as the eye could see. Two miles up in the air. Before you knew it, I shuffled to the side of the plane, feet on the edge of the step-1,2,3 go! Free falling at 130mph-the wind in my face. I looked at the camera watch on Sasha's left arm. Silly faces, peace signs, thumbs up-man, I felt amazing! What a rush! The chute opened before I knew it an we were gliding effortlessly in the expansive blue, Arizona sky.

We twirled, we laughed, it was freeing-exactly what I needed. Like a bird unable to be caged-I was free!

Red target signaled the drop zone below. My seven minute thrill ride ending quicker than it began! We landed with ease...an on our feet-my second tandem jump successfully recorded in the thrill book of my mind.

I was all smiles- exhilaratingly satisfied! Man, I love skydiving and can't wait to go again!

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